Project: “Complex of Ministries
Year: 2014
Client: Competition,
Architect: Ganzorig.B
Size: 29000 sq.m
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Stage: Concept design
Status: 1st Prize

Starting point of the design to keep the remnant of
the historic building and revitalize it into urban
space. The historic building will be kept as it is and
the green space will be integrated into it to create
public plaza. This space will be covered by
light-structure skylight and directly connected from
main roads into the building by walk. The master
plan consists of three components: the wall of the
historic building and public plaza, three buildings
covered by single-twisted roof, car circulation area.
Exterior design is based on reintroducing the old
façade design and integrating its elements into the
new façade. The lower part of the building facade
consists of solid wall and the upper side is fully
glazed. This approach makes the complex building
seen as “half-building” by contrasting the solid wall
and the glass façade and covered by continuously
sloped roof. The façade design of the lower part of
the building is to ensure the continuity of old façade.
The window opening of the existing structure is
revitalized as pop-out window and embedded on the
glass wall to raise awareness of old design in
contemporary way.