Project: “Office-13”
Year: 2012
Client: Mr.Erdenebaatar
Architect: Ganzorig.B
Size: 6000 sq.m
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Stage: Concept and Facade
Status: Built


Since the emerging styles of office building is not
recognizable from common residential buildings
these days, the project tries to catalyze urban
lifestyle offering new types of amenities and
services. The idea behind the design is to integrate
the building with its background 13 story building.
Without blocking the sunlight and views of rear
building, it was limited to not go over 5 story building.
The shape of the building is originated from the
pedestrian flows, to support the horizontality of the
main street. The façade is seen to be composed
three masses complied together. The horizontal
strips dominates on the main façade design to not
seen the building as high. Façade material is made
up of aluminum tiles and glazed windows. The
ground floor consists of supermarket, small retails
and pizza shop. The second floor consists of
restaurant and retail shops. The third and fourth
floors have various types of office spaces for small
and medium-sized companies.