Project: “Renaissance Town”
Year: 2013
Client: “Sergen Mandalt” LLC
Architect: Ganzorig.B
Size: 12000 sq.m
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Stage: Concept design
Status: Unbuilt

So architecturally, this complex should stand out
from the surrounding buildings, enabling new era of
housing typology for the city. The master plan
consists of two residential blocks, small gallery with
coffee shop and kindergarten as client’s request.
The central area is designed as green and public
spaces for residents. The one story, gable-roofed
kindergarten is located in front of the two blocks. The
roof design of small gallery building is integrated
with the residential block on the west, to be
continuous by the façade elements. The façade of
the lower two stories is made up of full reflective
glazing windows to expand the inner courtyard and
also to consider the privacy of the inside. The façade
design is based on the horizontal and vertical
elements to support the longitude of the building’s
orientation. The floor-to-ceiling, vertical window
design is for increase the brightness of the interior of
each units.