Project: “Spring Town”
Year: 2013
Client: “Tsast Impex” LLC
Architect: Ganzorig.B
Size: 19000 sq.m
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Stage: Concept and Detail Design
Status: Under Construction

The project site is located in 13th micro-district,
Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. The total area of the
land is 4971m2 and the building plot is 1746m2.
This neighborhood used to be Ger District and is
rapidly transformed into new residential area
recently. However, the new buildings were built in
a mess without any planning procedures.

Being left as the last site without building, we tried to
adopt as an advantage for the project. The
client’s intention was to introduce the idea of “city
within city” into the project and new building act
as service center for surrounding buildings. The
complex consist of 16 story two residential blocks
connected by 2-story podium which serve as
commercial and retail area for residents from the
neighborhoods. The first block is oriented
vertically and the other is oriented horizontally so
that each block is provided with daylight and view
to the surroundings. The commercial entrance is
from the south and the resident entrances are
through one main lobby accessible from the
north. The west residential block consists of 5
units per each floor area whereas the left consists
of 4 units making the total number of residential
unit 112. The residents can engage in daily
activities as supermarket, coffee shop, retails,
laundry, pharmacy and other amenities within the
reach. The first floor consists of reception,
supermarket, pharmacy and resident lobby. The
second floor consists of swimming pool, fitness
center, spa, beauty salon and office for small
business professionals. On the third floor,
restaurant and other activities are connected with
green roof that are accessible for residents.